Sharing Smiles !

For over 18 years we’ve been spreading smiles throughout Midlothian and the Richmond Metropolitan area. If you have a story to share with us about your experience at Midlothian Dental Center, please email us at [email protected] or call 804-302-5981 today!


"Our daughter (4) recently had a "pink & purple polka dot sugarbug" (cavity) removed by Dr. Gore.....when we got in the truck, she told me how much fun she had in her numbed-cheek little voice! Not a tear was shed nor a lip quivered. Dr. Gore and his staff were so comforting to both her & me, keeping everything quick and caring throughout the visit. Their level of patient care is unmatched in the Richmond area and their entire staff, office to dental, makes sure the true "family Dr." feeling will never be lost. Thank you all again."- Brent Wittersheim

"When you move across the country, finding a new dentist is like finding a new hair stylist---a very difficult task, to say the least. My experience at Midlothian Dental Center was extremely pleasant. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff were a breath of fresh air. If you're looking for a dental practice who will exceed all your expectations when it comes to your dental needs, Midlothian Dental Center is your answer. "- Lisaf, Richmond, VA

"I have been through many, many years of visiting the dentist and NEVER have I received such exceptional service before visiting this office. Everyone here is so nice. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Gore. I came to this office because the dentist I was seeing was not able to complete the work that I needed to my satisfaction. I thought there was no hope. Lucky for me, that I decided not to give up but to give Dr. Gore the chance to do the work because not only was it to my satisfaction, it greatly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him to anyone. � "- DT

"Dr. Hoover was professional and used humor to ease my anxiety. It was a great "first" visit without the use of sedation."- M.M.

"Exceptional response to a dental emergency. Two days before leaving for Europe one of my caps broke off. Even though one of the dentists was on vacation, leaving only one dentist available. I was integrated into the schedule and by the next morning had rather extensive work done to restore a broken cap so I could leave for Europe with a no dental problems. Exceptional service!! � "- GW

"Doctor Gore's staff was friendly and professional as always. Dr. Gore is great to talk with and is interested in each patient's life, just not their teeth! And I was able to watch the World Cup on a flat screen during the entire visit! This has to be the best dental practice in Richmond."- Anonymous

"Amazing people skills. Sincere listeners. Honest assessment of needs. The nicest group you will ever encounter. Astounding expertise in the dental field. This group is perfection."- RK

"I asked one of the employees if they had to fill out paperwork indicating how nice the individual is. I have never encountered a more caring group. Dr. Gore amazed me with his knowledge of how to treat my dental needs. Please keep doing as you are now. I honestly don't see a way to improve perfection."- Anonymous

"I was experiencing a toothache from my lower and upper crown. I appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of the complete staff. "- J.H., Richmond, VA

"I was very pleased with the prompt diagnosis of my problem, the plan for a crown and the availability for a follow-up appointment within days. I remain a patient of Dr. Gore's even though we have relocated to Naples, Florida. The new facility is great and the service continues to be excellent. My wife and I plan to continue our checkups with your office. "- S.C., Naples, FL

"Amazing practice. Friendly. Prompt. We continue to be amazed by how smoothly our visits go. Everyone is so nice and friendly. My kids were exicted to go get their cavities filled!!!! "- M.P. , Ashland, VA

"I had a minor emergency and you saw me right away and immediately took care of my problem in a timely and cost-effective manner. This is why you've been my dental practice for years. "- B.P. Richmond, VA

"I honestly have never had such a pleasant experience while getting a filling. Deb was super sweet getting me situated with the tv and the headphones and the follow up call from Dr Gore was most appreciated. Thanks for making it enjoyable to go to the dentist! "- S.G. Chesterfield, VA

"Great service, kind faces and most punctual ! "- J.H. Midlothian, VA

"I look forward to visitng your office and staff whenever my appt. arises. Great staff, competent work, super sleek modern setting and terriric customer care service during and AFTER the visit. Quite simply, in my opinion and Ive been to over 20 dentists , Dr. Gore and his entire staff are the BEST in the business. Your teeth will thank you."- N.F. Chester, VA

"I would not drive all the way from Ashland if I didn't think the world of the practice."- J.N. Ashland, VA

"My daughter loves the dentist now-the Kid's Zone is fantastic."- T.C. Midlothian, VA

"You guys "get it"'s all about the service....from the quality of the work to the quality of the client experience"- J.C. Midlothian, VA

"Claudia, my hygienist, is so friendly and does a great job. I continue to refer friends and co-workers to Midlothian Dental Center."- Powhatan, VA

"The Halloween atmosphere was great ! - I felt like I was walking into Party City - Keep it going !"- D.L. Richmond, VA

"I truly appreciated the call from Dr. Gore the night of my procedure. This personal attention assures me that I chose the right dentist !"- B.M. Midlothian, VA

"VALERIE IS THE BEST !"- R.H. Manakin-Sabot, VA

"It is a very relaxed atmosphere-everyone is pleasant and courteous. It makes you look forward to going to the dentist."- H. Williams-Richmond, VA