Just to See You Smile

Midlothian Dental Center would like to brighten your day and your smile. The team works to ensure your comfort and care every step of the way. They know that dental work is sometimes an anxious experience.

Dr. Gore and Dr. Hoover pledge to make your experience at Midlothian Dental Center a soothing one; with better treatment and more smiles than you will find anywhere else. Find out more about your Midlothian Dental Center team!

Through their experience, knowledge and dedication to the community, Dr.’s Gore and Hoover concentrates their efforts on your well-being. Read more about Dr. Gore and Dr. Hoover.

The Dentists

Your Midlothian Dental Center Dentists


Your Midlothian Dental Center Team

The well-educated, friendly team at Midlothian Dental Center sincerely cares for you and your family. Their knowledge, skills, and tenure with the practice speaks volumes for the care your family will receive. Our team truly treats you as part of “our family” and we hope you will refer your family and friends to Midlothian Dental Center.

Even if you are a “veteran” patient with us, please read more about your favorite staff member below.