8 Reasons to Ask Your Dentist About Sedation Options
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8 Reasons to Ask Your Dentist About Sedation Options

If you feel nervous or uneasy about your dentist appointment, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that up to 15 percent of Americans avoid the dentist because of anxiety and fear.

As dentists at Midlothian Dental Center, we don’t ignore that common fear. We make a point to put our patients at ease. Making sure our patients have a positive experience is our top priority – whether that’s through clearly explaining what will happen next, or in some cases, recommending sedation.Of course, that’s not the only reason patients may need sedation.

Here are 8 common reasons for sedation during a dental procedure –  

  • Fear of needles, shots or the dentist in general
  • Fear of the noises, smells and taste associated with dental care
  • Embarrassment of your teeth or smile
  • Difficulty becoming numb
  • Bad gag reflex
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Complex dental problems
  • Time restrictions which limit dental visits

Sedation addresses each of these issues, so patients can get the treatment they need, worry-free. If you think sedation could be right for you, we’re here to walk you through options and what to expect. You can contact us  to schedule your sedation consultation appointment.

Here’s what you may want to know if you’re considering sedation –

What Will Sedation Feel Like?

When we say “sedation,” we are talking about conscious sedation. This means you will be awake, but deeply relaxed, with no memory of the treatment later.

The Midlothian Dental Center team will do as much work as possible in a single appointment in order to minimize the number of return visits required. You may feel the effects of sedation for up to six hours, depending on how extensive your dental work is. That’s why we ask that someone drive you to your appointment and back home afterward.

After your procedure, you will wake up refreshed. If that kind of worry-free, pain-free experience is what you are looking for, Midlothian Dental Center is highly skilled in delivering a safe, secure experience

Is Sedation Safe?

Few dental practices in Richmond have the skill and experience in sedation that Midlothian Dental Center has. Dr. Gore is specially trained in Dental IV Sedation and is certified to administer IV sedation.

Cathy Harrison, DNAP, MSN, CRNA, is a highly skilled nurse anesthetist, who earned her Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice and has dedicated her life to patient comfort and care. She is present alongside Dr. Gore during all sedation administration at Midlothian Dental Center.

Please know that your vital signs will be measured at all times. You are never left alone – and patients that choose sedation know we care about them.



How Do I Know Sedation is Right for Me?

We’re here to walk you through the sedation experience, but the choice to use sedation is up to each individual patient. We see patients seek sedation for a variety of reasons, and they are all taken seriously at our practice.

Your dental health is so important, and sedation is one way you can be sure to get the treatments you need.

What’s next? Learn more about conscious sedation and IV sedation – and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and make your sedation consultation appointment with Dr. Hoover or Dr. Gore.

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