Areas We Serve


The community of Midlothian is located west of Richmond and is part of Chesterfield county. This town is a rural area of Southern Virginia that continues to grow and create more opportunities for suburb neighborhoods to rise. Filled with antique and modern shopping outlets and restaurant chains, this town is enriched with history. The team at Midlothian Dental Center specialize in cosmetic, general, and emergency dental services. Learn more about our dental services in Midlothian, VA. 

Chesterfield County

Chesterfield is a bit further south of Richmond, along interstate-95, but is considered the suburb area for Richmond locals. This historical town is home to Castlewood Plantation, Magnolia Grange, the Chesterfield county museum, and Pocahontas State Park. There are plenty of places to explore and natural scenery to enjoy with family and friends. We provide only but the highest quality of dentistry maintenance. Learn more about our dental services in Chesterfield County, VA.


Richmond is the capital of Virginia and is a designated local and tourist attraction. Richmond not only represents the suburban heart and soul of Virginia, but it is also home to Virginia Commonwealth University and several museums. The busy city of Richmond has an artistic fluidity with Street Art centers, the museum of Fine Arts, to brewing companies and diverse mixes of cuisines. Midlothian is honored in providing services such as general and pediatric dentistry. Learn more about our dental services in Richmond, VA.

Powhatan County

Powhatan county borders the neighboring town of Midlothian and is only about a 40-minute drive to Virginia’s capital. This county has astonishing and unique attractions for everyone. From venturing out into Fighting Creek Park or the Native Plant Trail, to visiting historical settings. Powhatan is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and vineyards. This is a great area to explore and see what nature has to offer to the region. At Midlothian, we provide several forms of dentistry, from pediatric to cosmetic. Learn more about our dental services in Powhatan County, VA.