Meet the Dogs of Midlothian Dental Center (A Smile Guarantee)

We admit it... we're dog people at Midlothian Dental Center! Our team was more than happy to share photos of their sweet doggos in celebration of National Dog Day. 

No question, these pups melt our hearts. They are the smiling faces that greet us when we come home from work every day. Taking care of them brings us so much joy - and they repay us with loyalty and love that you only find in a furry friend like them.

National Dog Day is technically August 26, but we're celebrating every single day of the year. 

Can you blame us? Just look at the roster of pets at Midlothian Dental Center!


Meet Reese, Cash and Tater

Who takes care of Reese, Cash and Tater? 
Dr. Hoover

What are their favorite things? 
Snuggling (they are professionals). They love ALL foods. 

Meet Ollie
Ollie just turned 1 1/2 years old, and he has never met a stranger. He is also a future Instagram star.

Who takes care of Ollie?  
Dr. Gore

What is Ollie’s favorite thing? 
Going to the river.

Meet Roscoe
Roscoe joined his family 3 years ago. Today, he feels like king of the household, especially when he gets free reign of downstairs. 

Who takes care of Roscoe?  
Allison Orn, RDH, and her husband, who were inspired by the movie The Secret Life of Pets to get a dog. At 6’3, Allison’s husband knew he “could totally rock a Pomeranian!”

What is Roscoe’s favorite thing? 
Going for walks, riding in the car and cuddling.

Meet Diggy and Harper
Diggy is from Richmond Animal League, and was adopted 4 years ago. He had a rough go at life  before meeting his new family. He still has trust issues, but he gets lots of love. Harper is from a friend of the family and just joined the family 9 months ago.

Who takes care of Diggy and Harper?
Linda Forte

What are Diggy and Harper’s favorite things?
Hanging out with their family. (And Harper is a big snuggler.)

And what if you’re a cat-person!?  Don’t worry - we would never leave you out.

Meet Shiva
Shiva is a 14-year-old rescue cat who was adopted in 2005 when there was an ad in the newspaper for free kittens. She moved to Richmond in 2010 from Illinois (with her owners).

Who takes care of Shiva?  
Meghan Eggers, Insurance Coordinator at Midlothian Dental Center

What is Shiva’s favorite thing? 

Snoozing in her shoebox and spending time with her family.

We told you the smile would be a guarantee! Now it's your turn... show us a photo of your “fur-baby” at your next dental appointment. Just call to schedule at (804) 794-4588.

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