Christina and one of her sons
Christina and one of her sons

Patient Story: Christina Bays

At Midlothian Dental Center, you can count on our providers to be there for you when you need them the most, even in cases of emergency. For Christina Bays, this expectation became a reality for her family one intense summer evening.

One of Christina’s favorite pastimes is watching her sons play ball. Six months ago, while enjoying some sun and watching the kids play baseball, her son was struck in the mouth by the ball. What started out as a nice family outing quickly turned to a nightmare. Some of the young boy's teeth had been knocked out and the family didn’t know what to do. It was 6:00 PM on a Sunday. The family began to panic, unaware of where to turn for treatment. 

The family was experiencing a dental emergency, so in the heat of the moment, Christina decided to text Dr. Gore. Dr. Gore responded immediately. He told the family to meet him at our Midlothian location and got to work without hesitation. Her son suffered from dislocated teeth and multiple avulsed teeth due to the impact of the baseball. Luckily, Dr. Gore successfully reset her son’s jaw and restored the damaged teeth.

Christina cites Dr. Gore’s responsiveness and calm demeanor as the reason her son was able to recover from the incident so well. Even in an anxious state, Christina knew her son would be taken care of. Now six months later, he does not experience any problems or residual issues related to the injury.

Christina and her family have been patients of Dr. Gore for 20 years! They started seeing him after hearing a friend’s high praise and recommendation. Christina trusts Dr. Gore’s expertise so much that she turned to him rather than a pediatric dentist when seeking dental services for her two young boys.

Christina’s family continues to praise Dr. Gore and Midlothian Dental Center any chance that comes their way. They have recommended our practice to more than 12 people, citing us as the best in town!

Our goal at Midlothian Dental Center is to provide the best dental services possible to our patients while fostering a positive and welcoming environment. Each of our providers dedicate their craft to enhancing the lives of others while putting health and safety at the top of our list of priorities each day. We thank you all for allowing us the space to provide exceptional dental care to the members of our community.