Crowns & Fillings Chesterfield County VA

Restorative Dentistry Restoring Natural Teeth

Midlothian Dental Center has some of the most experienced crowns and fillings dentists in Chesterfield County VA. When silver fillings degrade and blacken over time, sometimes they can be replaced with tooth colored fillings. If the silver fillings are very large there will come a time when the tooth’s structure has suffered too much damage to hold a filling. This is when the dental crowns from Midlothian Dental Center come in handy.

Crowns—commonly referred to as caps—simply cover your entire tooth down to the root, protecting it from further damage. And with the ability to attach to the remaining tooth, endure heavier use and match many cosmetic desires, dental crowns are effective solutions for decayed or broken teeth.

For all of your dental needs, come to the experts who have been serving the Chesterfield County VA area for almost 20 years. We guarantee to help guide you every step of the way.

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