Teeth Cleaning
We provide patients in the Richmond area with a quick, comfortable and pain-free teeth cleaning and checkup.
Here’s what you can expect at your preventative 6-month dental cleaning appointment:
  1. WELCOME: Be greeted by our friendly front desk staff. Your dental hygienist will take you back to your own private room where we will take time to get know you and address any concerns you may have before beginning your routine cleaning.

  2. EXAM: Lean back, kick your feet up and find your television show of preference. Your hygienist will do a brief physical exam, taking a look at your teeth and gums.

  3. FLOSSING: Your hygienist will floss your teeth to remove any excess build-up and to identify areas of build-up that may need a little extra attention.

  4. REMOVAL: Your hygienist will carefully remove plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces. This removal step is important because it prevents permanent damage caused by bacteria in plaque.

  5. POLISHING: Tooth polishing is like having a high-powered toothpaste cleaning. Your hygienist will polish the surface of your teeth with a small rubber motorized cup and polishing compound. The smooth texture that polishing leaves on your teeth makes it more difficult for plaque to accumulate. It also gives your teeth a shiny clean look and can help remove surface stains. Bring on that shiny smile!
  1. RINSE: You’re almost done! It’s time to rinse your teeth thoroughly with water and apply a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen the enamel (the outermost layer) of your teeth. This is important in preventing tooth decay. Fluoride is applied as a varnish and comes in multiple flavors.
  2. MEET YOUR DENTIST: After the cleaning, your dentist meets with you and takes a final look at your teeth and mouth. Your dentist will review helpful oral health tips and tricks, and discuss any next steps or concerns you may have.WOO HOO! You can now enjoy the rest of your day - and feel free to grab a coffee or beverage to go on your way out!

Note: You should never feel pain or discomfort during your teeth cleaning. Your hygienist will check in with you throughout your cleaning to make sure you’re comfortable. If at any moment you experience even the slightest discomfort, we encourage you to let us know immediately so we can address it. We are dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and pain-free dental check-up, every time.

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