Tooth Pain

When you've been experiencing tooth pain or tooth sensitivity, it's hard to think about much else.
When a patient is experiencing tooth pain, there are many potential causes.

4 Examples of Tooth Pain and Signs

Heat/cold sensitivity.
This is extremely common, and often people accept this as their "new normal" before consulting their dentist. Sometimes, however, sensitivity can be lessened, or even resolved, by using a toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. We can also provide a desensitizing agent at our dental office for those experiencing heat/cold sensitivity.

You don't have to eat candy every day in order to get a cavity. Be sure to make your twice-yearly appointment so we can catch cavities early. If you're experiencing pain, you may have a cavity that has reached a more advanced stage of decay, so it's important to come in as soon as possible to avoid making it worse.

Root/nerve damage.
Nerve damage sometimes occurs from trauma or a serious injury that you remember (a car or b accident, for example), but this is not always the case.

Remember, routine visits and prevention are key!

Something else.
No matter what the cause of pain is, you don’t need to live with it. In fact, the sooner you come see us, the more we can do to help your teeth stay healthy.

Do you have a painful tooth? Stop worrying and searching online. Call us today and we’ll get you an appointment right away, find out what’s going on, and take your pain and worries away.

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