Alexis pictured with her fiancé
Alexis pictured with her fiancé.

Patient Story: Alexis Owens

They say a smile is worth a thousand words, but what message is perceived when someone has a smile they are not completely proud to wear? Alexis Owens is a Richmond native, born and raised. Growing up, she could not help but fixate on her smile. Her confidence suffered in childhood because she was constantly bullied about her teeth. Young Alexis made a vow to herself that when she was older, she would buy herself a brand new set of teeth.

Now a young adult, Alexis is anticipating a very important moment in her life: her wedding day. With insecurities about her teeth still present, she thought of smiling in all the ceremonial photos and knew she wanted to feel confident about how she looked on her special day. So Alexis decided to contact Dr. Gore. 

Her mother, Mary, is a longtime patient of Dr. Gore and referred her to his office. Although eager to undergo her dental transformation, Alexis was apprehensive about her visit due to negative past experiences with semi-permanent and temporary teeth. Still she remained hopeful that Dr. Gore could give her the smile she’s always wanted.

From the first consultation, Dr. Gore put Alexis’ mind at ease. She recalls how kind and accommodating he was, even while she experienced extreme anxieties about getting veneers. In the midst of intense moments, Dr. Gore took the time to address her concerns, which established a sense of trust between the two. Dr. Gore opened his schedule to treat her the very next day! He installed permanent veneers and gave Alexis the smile of her dreams. 

With her new veneers, Alexis can’t stop showing off her smile! The insecurity she once had as a child is now the feature she receives the most compliments about and she loves every minute of it. She radiates a sense of confidence that she has never felt before. Alexis now looks forward to getting her picture taken at her wedding, a feeling she once dreaded, and it is all thanks to Dr. Gore!