Patient Story: Karen Cary

While some of us may be weary of admitting it, the saying “Mother knows best” has a way of catching up to us. For Karen Cary, mother’s intuition guided her in the right direction when her mother recommended one of the best dentists in town, Dr. Gore of Midlothian Dental Center.

Karen began seeing Dr. Gore following her mother’s suggestion after her dentist retired. As someone who lives with Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that causes dry eyes and mouth, oral hygiene is a top priority in Karen’s life. The decision to see Dr. Gore was cut and dry when she saw his rave reviews online.

Going into her first appointment, Karen expected a quick in-and-out visit with a simple routine cleaning. To her surprise, Dr. Gore delivered the shocking news that her teeth needed extensive restoration. Due to her autoimmune disease, she did not produce enough saliva to protect her teeth's enamel, causing her enamel to wear away over time.

Dr. Gore created the best plan possible to address all of Karen’s problem areas. Over the past 2-3 years, Karen has gotten 20 crowns to protect her teeth from enamel deterioration. Although she was scared in the beginning phases of the process, Dr. Gore took the time to put her mind at ease, assuring her that she could trust him and had no reason to worry. Because of Dr. Gore’s patience and detailed explanation of each procedure, Karen has never experienced any pain and steps into every appointment fearlessly. She has come a long way in improving her dental health since her first visit with Dr. Gore.

Karen is continually blown away by the service she receives from the Midlothian team. She notes that our entire staff makes her feel comfortable and cared for from the moment she walks into our practice. She appreciates our cost transparency, which allows her to budget for each of her procedures as they come up. 

Knowing that Karen sometimes feels nervous about undergoing dental procedures, Dr. Gore ensures that the same dental assistant is at his side during each visit. Karen now looks forward to seeing Deb during her appointments, as she knows Deb is highly skilled, and seeing a familiar face makes her feel comforted. 

Because of Dr. Gore and the entire Midlothian practice, Karen has a new reason to smile every day. She smiles because she has amazing family and friends, an incredible job, and her physical and oral health are better than ever.