Happy, Smiling Patient - Terri Robbins

Patient Story: Terri Robbins

Terri Robbins takes incredible pride in her role as a mother – and as a middle school bus driver, she spends a lot of time with children of all kinds. Born and raised in Vienna, Virginia, Terri has three adult children of her own, and is a grandmother to six grandchildren, with a seventh on the way. She found incredible fulfillment in her years as a mother. However, it was during that time that she noticed a decline in her dental health. 

“I had perfectly straight teeth in my 20s,” said Terri. “But as I grew older, they became misaligned.” 

Terri noticed that her two front teeth were beginning to twist outward. This caused Terri some anxiety - but for Terri, her family came first. 

“When you raise kids, you don’t take care of your teeth,” she said. As a mother, Terri neglected her dental issues to give more of her time and energy to her kids. But, once her children moved on to have families of their own, she knew it was time to address what she had long ignored – that’s when she decided to seek treatment with Dr. Gore. 

After performing routine dental care, Dr. Gore asked Terri if she was happy with her smile. When she answered “no”, Dr. Gore started her on a round of Invisalign to fix her teeth. Terri recounted that her experience at Midlothian Dental Center was “marvelous,” and that all the staff treated her very kindly. Even with her busy schedule, she never had any issues with cancellations or rescheduling her appointments. Dr. Gore always took the time to calm her down when she was nervous during her visits. “He is truly a bird of a different feather,” Terri remarked. 

Terri’s choice to take back her dental health was an act of self-care that was long deserved. Now that she is finished with Invisalign, Terri feels like a new person. 

“Getting my teeth done was the only thing I ever did for myself,” she said. “Dr. Gore changed my life.”

Today, with her new smile, Terri is more happy and confident than ever before. These days, Terri has a lot of reasons to smile. She is excited about the end of the school year, which will give her more time to spend with her arriving grandchild. She is also continuing on her self-care journey, focusing on bettering herself and exercising more to become healthier. 

Terri Robbins is an excellent example of mothers taking time to finally put their own needs first. This Mother’s Day, don’t forget to give your mom an extra hug - and moms, don’t forget that the best thing you can do for your family is take good care of yourself.